Candle holders: How even the best educators need support systems

It takes a special kind of man (or woman) to love a teacher. During the day that educator is the CEO of the classroom, the King/Queen of their own miniature country, the executive chef of the classroom kitchen. And being the boss is a hard habit to let go of when they step out of school.

A female teacher? She is strong, she is independent, she knows her mind, she is a self-rescuing princess.

But it is highly likely that she still wants to go home and let someone else take the reins. Someone strong to be there so she can show a little vulnerability that she hides so skilfully at work. Someone to have her back and to listen to her crazy stories of “what my kids got up to today.” Mostly, she probably wants a place to go to where she can get back what she gave away between 9 and 3.

A candle wants a holder. One that complements her, supports her, collects all of her pieces if she ever falls apart, and holds her close when she wants to be held.

If this support does not come in the form of a person or people, it may be found in a more surprising location. Perhaps a Facebook group, a congregation, a fur baby or even from just a few moments in solitude listening to music or journaling. Reflecting on the day with a grateful heart.

Moral of the story? Teachers, you don’t need to do it alone. Teacher spouses? You’re appreciated more than you know. It’s ok to ask for help. Even Superman has Lois Lane.



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