What teachers really want for Christmas (2020 edition)

Each year, I have been incredibly blessed and touched by the generosity of students and parents with their gift giving at the end of the year.

While they have been sincerely appreciated and fill me with gratitude, what I truly, truly wish for for Christmas is a little different.

1. For every student I’ve ever taught (and their loved ones) to be happy and healthy.

2. For the magic and wonder of full stockings, Santa visits and time with family to overshadow the anxieties and instability that has been 2020.

3. For laminators and laminating pouches to go on special, and stay that way for good.

4. For supplies at stationery retailers to be restocked in every colour and style imaginable.

5. For people to consider giving more quality time during the festive season, and less wrapped presents. Instead, for them to use their cash to make donations to charities.

6. World Peace.

7. A complete eradication of COVID-19.

8. For my outgoing class to carry the sense of belonging achieved in our classroom to the outside world; and to use it as a shield against loneliness, sadness and hardships in the future.

9. For my incoming class to be excited, and not trepidatious, about the year ahead.

10. For past students to keep in touch, to feel like I made a difference, to feel valued and to feel validated. https://ateacherislikeacandle.wordpress.com/2020/08/05/when-a-candle-feels-that-theyre-not-enough/

What would you add to this list?

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