Want to win at Australian Curriculum trivia? Read this!

If there’s one thing that COVID has taught me, it’s that parents really don’t know what the curriculum expects from their children in school.

And, considering how much time has passed since they themselves attended lessons, it makes sense that so much has changed.

There are a few things that may surprise even you.

Did you know……….

* Students need to understand numbers to 20 in prep, 100 in grade 1, 1000 in grade 2, 10,000 in grade 3 and tens of thousands in grade 4? Yes, grade four equates to nine-year-olds.

* Pupils learn how to write procedures, historical narratives, persuasive texts, poetry, fantasy texts and short stories; all while still in primary school?

* There are 8 Key Learning Areas (KLAs) that encompass all that is taught in classrooms in any given week: English, maths, science, humanities and social sciences, health and physical education, technology, the arts and languages?

* The KLA’s are broken into strands? That English involves Reading and Viewing, Writing, and Speaking and Listening? And Maths includes Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability? That Science is broken into Physical sciences, Chemical sciences, Biological sciences and Earth and Space sciences?

* The KLA strands also incorporate proficiencies? In maths, those are: Understanding, Fluency, Problem-solving and Reasoning?

* Even from the early years, kids are involved in 7 hours of English instruction, 5 hours of maths, an hour of science (including STEM), an hour of HASS (including history and geography), 2 hours of PE, 1 hour of the arts (including visual arts, music, drama, dance and media arts), 30 minutes of technology (both digital technology and design), and 1 hour of languages (a language other than English) each week? You read that right. Every single week.

* All of that curriculum focus adds up to 18.5 hours out of the 22.5 teaching hours available?Not leaving much time for play, for philosophy discussions https://ateacherislikeacandle.wordpress.com/2020/08/04/a-candles-favourite-lesson-of-the-week/, for borrowing from the library, for computer lab sessions, for manners lessons or for social skills.

Curiosity piqued? Want to discover more? The Australian National Curriculum (commonly referred to as ACARA) is available for anyone to peruse at http://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au


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