The cinema as a temple: Should candles consider movies and youtube clips the curriculum of the new generation?

We go there in order to escape.

To disconnect from obsessing over our own petty affairs.

To connect with a medium that preaches to the masses.

We very rarely go by ourselves- it’s a social activity.

The doors are open to anyone.


Waiting for the show to start by Timothy Neesam on Flickr under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

While there, movie-goers become a community, sharing the same multi-sensory experience and receiving the same messages.

These messages shape our values and our identities, they help us to reflect on the big issues,  and they teach us what to expect from life.

We internalise those messages in order to reach our own understandings about what makes a good person and what makes a good life.

We eat, we drink, we laugh, we cry. Sometimes we sing!

The experience becomes our shared history, shaping our culture.

We leave with a deeper understanding of empathy, of compassion, of tragedy, and of enlightenment.

We leave with a deep sense of gratitude for our lives and the power we possess to serve the world.

We undergo spiritual growth.

And we go almost every week.

That’s how the cinema is a temple for my generation.

Here, Rizzo (2008) talks about how Youtube may be fast becoming the new cinema of attractions.

So does this mean that movies, and youtube clips, are the curriculum of the new generation?

If that’s the case, this candle better keep up her movie-going ways. Purely for research purposes, of course! 

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  1. I sometimes wonder about the shopping centre as the new house of worship in the growing religion of consumerism. We go there to change our emotional outlook (retail therapy), we attend regularly, we make an offering ($), we hope that the associations we make will make us a better person (the various brands that we choose to use/wear) and attending gives us a higher purpose – to slave away at work for the next week to buy more shit next time we shop.

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