Your candle burned out long before your legend ever did: What do you want your legacy to be?

EABDAC1B-DFB1-4C62-91EB-D08B9626EFF2If there was only one thing that you wanted your kids to remember about you after you’re gone, what would it be?

What part of you would you want to still live on?

What would your legend be?

What would you want on your epitaph?

In my role as a classroom teacher for the last almost two decades, I think I’d like to be remembered for my compassion, for never giving up on students, for going the extra mile and for keeping my promises.

I’d like to be thought of as the teacher who made learning fun, who made everyone feel like they belong, and who was calm to a fault.

The one who made kids laugh, and who gave herself permission to laugh too.

I’d like kids to think back fondly on how I encouraged them to push past the fears and insecurities that blocked them from more effective learning.

How I never yelled and rarely raised my voice, how I celebrated student individuality and took the time to really see what students brought to the table.

But I guess if I’m remembered for my smile, my nice shoes and my pretty jewellery, that would be ok too!

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  1. […] This verse reinforces for me why most teachers get up in the morning- because their legacy lives on in the wisdom, the spirit and the compassion of the children that they taught to be wise, spirited and compassionate. Their candle light spreading like wildfire.… […]


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