What makes this candle melt

So, one day, on duty at the pick-up zone, my grumpy teacher voice came out when a grade one boy kept hopping up from where he was supposed to be sitting.

“Sit down”

“SiT DoWn!”


I decided to try a different tactic.

“If you don’t sit down, you’ll have to come and stand right here and hold my hand.”

To my absolute shock, he skipped over and folded his hand inside mine.


08~2009~IMG_1044The Love by Wolfman-K  on Flickr under CC BY-NC 2.0

And that’s where we stood for the next 20 minutes. Him happily chatting away, seemingly relishing the affection that is possibly seldom afforded him.

And me, astonished that such a young boy, after more than a decade of teaching, could still teach me a lesson about making assumptions.

And about kindness, and love, conquering all.

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