My chandelier: It takes a village to raise a child

So once I listened to 38 grade sixes give speeches about why they will make great leaders for the school.

There were a few tears, some shaking hands, and some glimpses towards the doorway that I inferred as “if I run right now, I’ll be home and under my blanket in six minutes flat” fleeting thoughts. In general, though, I was impressed by how professional and eloquent these kids were.

While they spoke about this being their very last year of primary school, it struck me that it has taken a whole chandelier of candle teachers to support, encourage, mentor and love these boys and girls in order for them to reach this point.

Illustrating the notion “it takes a village to raise a child”, every year a teacher has nurtured these little seeds, watering them with kindness and challenging learning, then watching them grow.

This year I can see this particularly clearly, as many of these same kids were in my grade two or three class three short years ago. I delivered them into the capable hands of their middle school carers, and now they have come back to me even stronger, wiser and smarter.

The values the year sixes described as making an ideal leader were: committed, encouraging, empathetic and inspiring. Sometimes students turn the table and the teacher becomes the learner.

I was so proud of these little humans, and glad that my chandelier of colleagues care as much as I do, consuming themselves to light the way for others.


Bohemian cut gloss chandelier 01 – East Room replica – Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum by Tim Evanson on Flickr under CC BY-SA 2.0

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