Candles dressing for the job they want

I see many posts in public forums about a teacher’s right to wear jeans to work.

I’m a supporter.

But not every day. And here’s why.

I truly believe that what you wear is a reflection of your aspirations. Your clothing makes a statement and you can choose what you want them to say.

People judge one another by the way they dress. While you want to be comfortable as you sit on the carpet and kneel down beside desks and apply bandaids on the playground, you also want anyone paying attention to have no doubts that you’re a professional.

I don attire that feels like “me” so that throughout the day I can focus not on how people will react to my outfit, but on how well I’m doing my job.

I think that if I take what I wear seriously, then I will be taken seriously as an educator.

This is why I wear blazers with brogues. This is why when I lean over, my lower back does not show. This is why I don’t show cleavage or too much leg or a bare midriff.

And so I save denim for student free days, casual Fridays, theme days or carnivals and sporting events.

And so far, it has served me well.

There have been days when the excitement of putting together a smashing outfit has been the extra oomf I needed to get me bouncing out of bed. (Actually, I’m not a morning person so there’s more dragging than bouncing involved, but the lure of fabulous items in my wardrobe make the dragging that much easier!)

What else do I think is a bad “look” for teachers? Answering phone calls during class, on playground duty or in meetings. Yelling at a class. For any reason. Berating or embarrassing kids in front of their friends.

And asking the teacher next door to watch while your class while you “duck to the bathroom”.

Dress up, dress big. Dress to show you mean business. Dress for success.

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