Candle inspiration: How to keep your eyes open for innovative ideas

It is arguable that if you don’t experience inspiration yourself, you won’t be able to effectively inspire others. It’s lucky then, that for a teacher, inspiration is everywhere. If your eyes and ears are open to it.

The movie I saw last night inspires me to teach students in my class, particularly those with ASD, by catering to their passions. Obsessions with game like “Minecraft” and “Five nights at Freddy’s” could be used as channels for my teaching.

A Facebook post I read this morning from an overseas family who are blogging about their experiences inspires me to get my kids blogging as a way of publishing their writing for a real audience.

A $5 necklace I bought from a Vinnies shop at Queenscliff on Sunday inspires me to teach my class a whole new way of beading in preparation for our fete enterprise this year.

A Mum I saw at the supermarket soothing her tantruming daughter with calm and kindness inspires me to stay mindful and to remember that little kids still have much to learn.

With no shortage of inspiration for anyone who goes out there and experiences the world, the trick is to then convert these sparks of ideas into action. From the printed page of a book to the front lines of school. This is how your thoughts transform themselves into the magic powder that inspires others.

After all, inspiration without action is liked a caged bird that will sing but never fly.

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