We make each other better

My husband recently had his book on study skills published. https://www.hbe.com.au/hb6203.html

When he was able to get his hands on his very first copy, he sent it to me at school, accompanied by a bunch of flowers. The card with the flowers said “we did it”.

I didn’t actually do it- he did- but he was referring to us being an amazing team.

He’s my coach, my team mate and, when I need it, my cheerleader too.

Back in 2014 when teaching was starting to lose its spark for me, he encouraged me to go back to University and to get my Masters of Education.

That year and a half of research and assignments re-energised me with the exact fuel I needed to keep on keeping on in the classroom.

And, of course, he’s an incredible teacher in his own right.

I’m fortunate to have a best friend who is an uber-inspiring school leader as well.

She’s firm but fair, she challenges the status quo, she’s just a really good person (top banana, as I say) and she doesn’t sweat the small stuff.

I have learnt so much from these two amazing human beings.

I’ve learnt to avoid gossip and white-anting. Especially when it does nothing to improve the situation at hand. https://ateacherislikeacandle.wordpress.com/2020/09/26/speaking-with-purpose-not-impulse/

I’ve learnt to be humble. That everyone is on their own path and not everything is a competition.

I’ve learnt the joy of reaching out a helping hand. That one of the biggest benefits of having it all is being able to share it around with those people who need it.

I’ve borne witness to families that are rock solid. Who compromise and show respect and give each other space and make each other better.

And I like to think that I’ve offered loyalty, fun experiences and an abundance of emoji-filled text messages in return.

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