The muddier the better

Helicopter parents and authoritarian teachers. They’re stifling our kids, each and every day.

What do kids need more of in their lives, especially now? More joy! More FUN! Getting dirty, taking risks, falling over and getting back up.

A recent conversation with a colleague centred around the removal of sand from a local school’s play area. We lamented how this took away the joy of sand castles, tunnels, mud pies.

We reminisced about how much enjoyment we ourselves obtained from sand pits when we were young. The arguments over the best toys, the grief when our carefully constructed buildings collapsed, or when that mean kid jumped on them, obliterating the lot in seconds.

We fantasised about a school that provided gum boots and smocks, goggles and gloves, anticipating… nay, encouraging, kids to get in amongst it.

What are my fondest childhood memories?

Playing at the beach, swinging at the park, falling off my bike and getting straight back on.

Kids need to graze their knees, answer the phone, cook, and go grocery shopping. They need to give money to a busker, smile at a homeless person, and get a brain freeze from an oversized slurpy.

And in our classrooms? They need finger painting, art and craft, and taking shoes off during silent reading. They need listening to music during eating time and meditations after recess.

They need a teacher who praises mistakes and congratulates children who change their mind. They need jokes and laughter, silliness.. and even the occasional absurdity.

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