A candle in the wind: How to build teacher resilience

9ABD6825-A368-4DEE-AE6F-5527AA4ED0FFAustralia’s National Curriculum dictates which knowledge and skills we value and what the next generation will carry into the future. There’s civics and citizenship, history, geography, science, literacy, numeracy… Everything you would expect.

But there are supports and foundations that are necessary for this learning to be meaningful.

One that resonates strongly with me, through my experiences as both a teacher and a student who attended multiple primary, secondary and tertiary schools, is the importance of resilience.

Everyone has adversity in their lives. It is normal, and unavoidable. But what makes a person happy and strong despite this, is their ability to bounce back. To see the silver lining. To have a “this too will pass” attitude, and trust that often things happen for a reason.

One of my favourite songs is a beauty by Garth Brooks called unanswered prayers. It’s lyrics are “one of God’s Greatest Gifts are unanswered prayers”- meaning, what we think we want at one point in our lives may in fact not be what’s best for us. As they say, one door closes and another one opens.

How do I teach resilience? By modelling. Being a rock, a stable in the often tumultuous lives of little people. I share stories of setbacks and how they helped me grow and do better and become the person I am today.

I share my calm instead of stepping into a child’s chaos. I count my blessings and remind myself of all I have achieved. I don’t catastrophise, nor buy into it when others around me do.

I stand up for what I think is right, so that I don’t drown. https://ateacherislikeacandle.wordpress.com/2020/08/17/dont-snuff-out-this-candles-flame/

I keep my candle burning steady and bright.


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