A new candle each day

In the same way that it’s important to give every child a clean slate each school year, teachers need to start each work day with fresh eyes and an open heart.

The idea of living life one day at a time can be a particularly comforting one for teachers. The thought that we just have to do the best we can from 9 to 5 and then let it all go, is a freeing one.

Far too many school staff lay awake at night, the anxieties of past disappointments preventing them from the restorative sleep they need to perform their jobs effectively.

Remaining entirely in the present, mindful to think only of the here and now, may prove to be a much-needed vaccine against the teacher burnout running increasingly rampant as our job gets more and more difficult.

A daily fresh start also means that children can go home at the end of a day (whether it has been a good one or not so good) content in the knowledge that when they next return to the classroom, what went before will not taint their chances to make this new day their best.

A day by day educator is a happy one. Liberated from past failures and confrontations, the weight is lifted, giving way to lightness, calm and patience.

A burnt out teacher, still tense from yesterday’s events, does not have space to take a breath. https://ateacherislikeacandle.wordpress.com/2020/07/22/how-to-extinguish-a-candle/

A candle, burnt down to a nub, shares no illumination to light the way for others.

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