Never stop chiseling your stone

As I pulled some yellowing leaves off of a house plant in my room this morning, I got to thinking about how it reminded me of something I read once.

It was about constantly chiseling the stone that is you. Self-improvement; working on yourself; becoming a better person.

Just like my plant’s wilting leaves, I too have thoughts, feelings, ideas and attitudes that no longer serve me. They’ve been neglected- yellowing and rotting- and must be pruned.

They say that there’s only so much information that we can keep in our heads at one time. That as we learn new things, old things drop away in order to make space for their replacements.

What then do we want to keep, and what can we happily forgo?

Negative thoughts about yourself and your worth? Gone! Harsh judgements, prejudices and intolerances? Get out! Limiting beliefs based on ignorance and lack of understanding? Goodbye!

Fears and insecurities that paralyse you and stunt your growth? Chop them off. Grudges and resentments held onto from long ago? Rip them out all the way to the roots. Toxic regrets about things that no longer matter? Use the weed killer if you have to!

Compassion and empathy? Hold onto them tight. Your open mind? Don’t ever let that go. Your gratitude and constant search for the silver lining? Water it daily and nourish it with care.

For what is life but a short visit here on this planet- a small opportunity to make a difference, to make things better for others, to leave the world a better place than when you entered it?

And in order to do that right, before you can turn your light on others and let it shine, you have to first shine it back towards yourself: with a mirror, a sculpting kit, and and a desire to chisel your stone.

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