If your head is in the clouds, can your feet still touch the ground?


90A09EE9-2C64-4F88-A877-4BD2EAA4F726.jpegThere is probably somebody in your circle of friends or acquaintances who is a bit eccentric. Someone who is very creative and artistic, but is terribly disorganised and untidy.

There is likely someone else you know who is regimented and orderly. Who has a brilliant filing system but has no imagination.

So, which is best for a teacher? Ideally, a little bit of both?

Research says that running a classroom effectively involves a hierarchy of essential elements. At the top of the pyramid is the vision. This is what you want as the core values for the class.

Next comes the systems and structures. These are the programs and routines that enable you to achieve the vision.

And below that are the events- the everyday managerial organisation that is involved in the day-to-day running of the class.

If you tend towards order and catalogue, you’ll be an expert at events. Your careful planning and forethought would see things run smoothly, with every piece of the puzzle knowing exactly what their role is and what to do, when. But- people may want you to step out of the box, to try new things. Can a timetabling expert learn to have big ideas?

Likewise, if you’re an idealistic visionary, you’ll be right on top of current literature and revolutionary concepts and notions. You’ll be suggesting some new and exciting scheme before you perfected the last. Some people may wish you could focus on the current successes right in front of you. Can an innovator get better at responding to their emails?

In relationships, a little bit of ying and a little bit of yang can make for a whole lot of complementary harmony.

In a friendship, a high level of trust and a commitment to honesty can enable two people to work on their weaknesses and, through a process of positive feedback, gain skills that do not come intuitively.

But in a workplace, if a person is a little too far left or a little too far right, is it likely that they will ever become centred?

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