Why this candle has 6.5L of Solo in the fridge: how schools are chronically under-resourced

Schools these days are chronically under-resourced. Teachers want to provide rich learning environments with interesting and provocative materials, but all too often when they go to the Science storeroom all they find is some old, faded posters and two and a half thermometers with Mercury dregs of questionable quality.

This is why on Thursday night I dragged my fiancé (a teacher himself, so he gets it) to Woolies to buy 12 cans of soft drink, 10 black document wallets, a thermometer (they only had one left or I would have bought more), some foil cupcake cases and some blu-tac. All this for my class Science experiment on Friday morning. Because I’m the candle that not only consumes itself but also its pay check.

And don’t get me started on my trip to Officeworks last week where I spent $400 on a data projector. And some Velcro dots, and some paint, and….

Fellow teachers out there- what’s the most outrageous purchase you’ve had to make in the name of good teaching?

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