Candles in the sun: What playground duty is really like

1D9D246C-A8D7-487F-97AF-9690B0F0A701.pngPlayground duty.

You get some sweet cuddles from previous students and some fresh air. It gets you away from your desk after getting sucked into the planning and marking vacuum where eating in front of a screen takes you two minutes flat.

But, without sunnies, the glare from the concrete scalds your retinas and you turn into your own worst nightmare.

Instead of gently applying band aids, you tell kids to toughen up. Instead of mediating conflict, you send kids to sit on the time out bench. And if anyone’s not wearing a hat? They’d better watch out!

So, to avoid grumpy, half-blind me, I usually have at least three sets of sunglasses in my duty bag. But this morning I noticed that they have all gone.

Teacher crisis alert!!!

What are your occupational hazards?

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