Candles in their natural habitat

E65CBD48-6A1C-4C98-B66A-A0463B6AAD09.jpegYou’ve probably heard the adage “you can take the teacher out of the school but you can’t take the school out of the teacher.” It makes me wonder: if I was no longer able to be a teacher, who would I be?

I’m the kind of teacher that even when I go on a holiday overseas, I send postcards to the kids in my class. Every discussion I have seems to somehow come back to education. So- once a teacher, always a teacher?

Or perhaps I was born this way. When I was younger I would ask babysitters to give me a spelling test and I would line up my dolls to impart my wisdom upon them.

They say you can spot a teacher a mile away. They wear flats and cardigans. They’re always buying stickers. They tell you to “use your words” and cast disconcerting glares at you when unimpressed.

So where do the lines blurr then, between Me the friend, the wife, the cat-lover, the exchange student, the daughter, and Me the teacher? God knows I’m bossy, and definitely a control freak. But that probably runs in the family!

Are there other professions where the lines are equally blurry?

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