Some burns never heal: What breaks teacher hearts

C84B2607-A171-4BF8-9A5E-5BC490D4456B.jpegOften when people talk about teaching being tough they’re talking about behaviour management. Or the attitude that kids have. Or trying to fit everything into a crowded curriculum. Or dealing with parents.

But those aren’t tough. Not compared to the way you feel when you hear that one of your kids lost their mother to suicide at Christmas. Or that others have moved house because of rising rental prices in the area and now have to catch three buses to get to school. Or the mother who has to battle breast cancer. Or the teacher aide who lost her house in the flood.

Schools are an extended family, of sorts, and what hurts a child- particularly one in your class- also hurts you.

These are the kids who lash out at you because they’re crying inside, or screaming. The hurt ones who want to hurt others. When they strike at you with their words, their looks, their actions, you feel their pain. And that burn never heals.

What are your burns?

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