Adding wax to the candle: How to get back to your sparkly best

864C9760-DB29-4CDD-961B-4876E13385F3“Follow your arrow wherever it points”. Wise advise from country artist Kasey Musgrave at today’s CMC Rocks country music festival.

Follow your passions, because your passions make you who you are. A passionate person is an attractive person, an entertaining person, an interesting and engaging person. If you have no adventures in your life, you’ll have no stories to tell.

“Make lots of noise, kiss lots of boys, kiss lots of girls, if that’s something you’re into, when the straight and arrow gets a little too straight, roll up a joint… Or don’t” she continues. “Just follow your arrow wherever it points.”

Gems like these roll off the tongues of the many talented songwriters here today. I’m feeling very blessed to be a part of it all. And my candle gets some more wax too.

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